Ideal Living Announces $38,000 to Support Ukraine Relief Efforts

Ideal Living, a direct-to-consumer health and wellness company and makers of AirDoctor air purifiers and AquaTru water purifiers, today announced a total of $38,000 in philanthropic commitments to provide immediate support to Ukraine and neighboring countries impacted by the violence. 

Ideal Living will donate 10% of net proceeds from AirDoctor and AquaTru sales and $3,000 from a fundraiser over a 10-day campaign to Direct Relief, a nonprofit that provides medical supplies and immediate relief to those in and around Ukraine. Direct Relief has delivered over 30 tons of requested medical aid to Ukraine since the war started, from oxygen concentrators to critical care medicines, while preparing to offer continued aid for the longer-term impacts of the war on those displaced by the conflict. 

“We are heartbroken by the senseless violence and atrocities that have become more visible by the day and are deeply concerned about the growing humanitarian crisis that is unfolding. While we normally focus our community impact efforts within the United States, the foundation of basic human rights and freedoms has been shattered for the people of Ukraine, and we feel it is our responsibility to do our small part to help at this time,” said Founder and Co-CEO of Ideal Living Katie Williams.

Ideal Living’s impact program has donated more than $250,000 to organizations aligned with its mission to provide affordable and accessible solutions that protect people’s rights to clean air, clean water and a solid foundation for wellness. This most recent donation to Direct Relief increases and extends its impact globally to reduce suffering in the region. 


Direct Relief is a nonprofit organization working directly with Ukraine’s Ministry of Health and other local, on-the-ground partners and NGOs to provide critical medical aid and medicine to people still in Ukraine and those who have fled the conflict to neighboring countries. Founded in 1948 in response to the humanitarian crisis in Europe in the aftermath of World War II, Direct Relief roots are firmly established in providing relief in this region. 


Ideal Living is a Los Angeles-based company that invents, markets and distributes innovative health, wellness and home environment products to significantly improve the quality of life of individuals and communities. Ideal Living is on a mission to ensure everyone has the right to clean air, clean water and a solid foundation for wellness. 


3 thoughts on “Ideal Living Announces $38,000 to Support Ukraine Relief Efforts”

  1. laurene brown

    Thank you for melting compassion into direct action. If you are not already a B corporation you should check it out.
    Thank you.

  2. Michelle McGee

    I am in prayer daily for these brave, courageous, humble, peace loving people in Ukraine suffering terrible horrific, pain and loss. I love the Air Doctor and can’t purchase anything right away, and will donate each month for Ukraine, we must help , anyway we can each one of us. God Bless the country and people of Ukraine and you working together to send aid to them! – Amen
    Pray for their protection and victory.????????????????????

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