AirDoctor by Ideal Living Donates Air Purifiers and Filters to 102 Families in Lahaina, Maui

AirDoctor, the leading air purifier brand by Ideal Living, collaborated with Pastor Allen Cardines from Transform Your World Hawaii to help those affected by the devastating Maui Wildfire. This natural disaster, which took 98 lives and caused extensive property damage, also left lingering smoke hazards in the area.

This effort by AirDoctor is part of Ideal Living’s ongoing commitment to community support and health. With a history of contributing to various causes, Ideal Living continues to focus on providing solutions that improve the quality of life for individuals and communities alike, particularly during times of tragic events or crisis. The AirDoctor Team flew to Lahaina and helped distribute AirDoctor purifiers and filters to families affected by this crisis.

“At Ideal Living, we are dedicated to creating effective solutions for clean air and pure water. The Lahaina community is still experiencing toxins and ash in the air, especially downwind of the fire areas, which can seriously impair health.  We are grateful to be able to help give these families peace of mind,” states Peter Spiegel, CEO and Founder of AirDoctor.

Ideal Living’s impact program has donated more than $xxx,000 to organizations aligned with its mission to provide affordable and accessible solutions that protect people’s right to clean air, clean water and a solid foundation for wellness. The AirDoctor team is honored and privileged to have a product that is able to help those in need and to have been able to help donate air purifiers to residents of Lahaina. 


Transform our World Hawaii is a non-profit organization that exists to build a transformational culture and community of Aloha (love). They are currently accepting donations to support our local churches in their efforts to assist in the Lahaina Disaster Recovery efforts. To find out more, visit 


Ideal Living is a Los Angeles-based company that invents, markets and distributes innovative health, wellness and home environment products to significantly improve the quality of life of individuals and communities. Ideal Living is on a mission to ensure everyone has the right to clean air, clean water and a solid foundation for wellness.


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